Old Laptops: Top Reasons You Need To Recycle Them

You mostly rely on your trusty laptop to get things done, such as at work or playing games. However, its performance and quality will eventually deteriorate from age and excessive use. Technology companies bring out exciting innovations for their loyal customers yearly. Improved specs such as higher battery power, larger display, efficient power management, and faster RAM are what spells success for these giants.

Newer models deliver better performance and can help get the most out of your system. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

While switching to new machines may help you feel good, you must consider that trashing old gadgets can do more harm than good. Here are three reasons you must recycle your old computers and other devices.

1. It May Be Mandatory

While there are no federal laws, several states authored their laws for electronic waste recycling. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that 25 states, including the District of Columbia, legislated laws to mandate electronic waste recycling. 

As technology advances daily, our electronics help us grow economically and provide automation and other benefits. On the other hand, improper gadget disposal can negatively affect our environment and health. 

Recycling your old laptops can help you save the planet and make you a good citizen of your state. 

2. Laptops Contain Harmful Chemicals & Materials

Another reason to practice electronic waste disposal is to avoid planting toxic chemicals and materials into the environment. Computers contain several harmful substances, such as lead, mercury, chromium, and beryllium. These chemicals can end up in our water supply and soil. High exposure to these substances can also pose severe effects on our health

However, visiting your local Atlanta recycling center can prevent this toxic waste from seeping into our ecosystem. 

3. Trade-Up Programs 

The lesser you spend, the better for your business’s bottom line. When making significant multiple upgrades for your company, you must take advantage of the local recycling programs and the retailer’s trade-up. For example, recycling a laptop or computer or replacing parts for your server or phone allows you to reduce the costs of upgrading your and your employees’ work laptops. 

4. Support Non-Renewable Recycling

Increasing demand for devices and appliances means shelling out more of our non-renewable resources. Fortunately, your recycling center can reuse most materials, such as plastic, steel, aluminum, copper, and gold, from your devices and appliances. 

Recycling e-waste gives these materials a new purpose, while improper electronic waste disposal in landfill means shelling out more resources for your next laptop or TV. 

5. Boasting Eco-Friendly Credentials

Lastly, practicing proper IT equipment disposal is a credential worth boasting about. As climate action calls grow louder, employees want to work for environmentally responsible companies. 

Recycling For a Safe and Green Future

Your laptop is your on-the-go device for work or game time. However, its performance will deteriorate with age and excessive use. While purchasing a new one can be tempting, it can cause more harm than good to the environment and public health. Fortunately, recycling your old laptop can help you save the planet while avoiding spending more on a new one. 

Atlanta Green Recycling provides sustainable and cost-effective solutions for electronics recycling in Atlanta. We also help businesses and residential customers practice responsible electronic disposal. Contact us now, and let’s start building a safer and greener future!